day 06 — make a “if you really knew me…” list

...You'd know I don't eat pork except on very very rare occasions when I will eat bacon.
...You'd never buy me cheap gift baskets of soap and lotion because my skin is super sensitive.
...You'd be able to have conversations with me without ever speaking a word.
...We would have ridiculous, pointless inside jokes that we couldn't even remember how they started.
...You wouldn't need this list.

day 03 — create a list of things you want to do before you die

I don't yet have a Bucket list, lol. I have however made a Fuck-it List of places to have sex before I die.
Ok let's try this.

1. Get my license! Oh so close.
2. Own a VW Beetle (new or old)
3. Meet Dale Bunny
4. Live in Savannah, GA
5. Visit Hawaii
6. Go to another country
7. Drive Route 66 (or what's left of it)
8. Take a road trip in an RV
9. Get licensed to pierce
10. Have a daughter

day 02 — list your pet peeves

1. Picking at or sucking on teeth. It's disgusting.
2. Talking on the cell phone or texting while being checked out.
3. Letting your kids run wild while you are in public. This only makes you look like an idiot.
4. Treating customers with contempt because they don't meet your personal standards. Do your job and keep your personal shit to yourself.
5. Calling me and/or texting me when you have nothing to say.

30 days

I already started a different 30 days thing on my Tumblr but this looked fun so I'll just do it here =)

day 01 — create a list of “must-read” books
day 02 — list your pet peeves
day 03 — create a list of things you want to do before you die
day 04 — make a christmas or birthday wish list
day 05 — create a list of lessons you’ve learned throughout life
day 06 — make a “if you really knew me…” list
day 07 — list the goals you hope to accomplish
day 08 — write a list of confessions
day 09 — a list of songs to complement the “soundtrack of your life”
day 10 — create a list of your fears
day 11 — provide a list of concerts or events you’ve been to
day 12 — create a list of simple pleasures or things that make you happy
day 13 — list of nicknames you’ve had
day 14 — make a list of people, places, or things you’re thankful for
day 15 — write a list of things you want to say to different people
day 16 — a list of questions you have
day 17 — pictures of food you wanna try or wish you knew how to make
day 18 — create a list of ways you can save money
day 19 — make a list of the most recent 10 text messages in your inbox
day 20 — a list of unusual/humorous things someone has ever said to you
day 21 — list the things you wish to change about the world, or you wish would remain the same
day 22 — provide a list of things that intrigue you, or things you wish you knew more about
day 23 — write a list of embarrassing moments
day 24 — list down the professions that exist within your family tree
day 25 — create a list of people you wish you could meet
day 26 — a list of observations
day 27 — a list of your favorite quotes
day 28 — look up words you don’t know and make a list of them along with their definition
day 29 — list fictional things you wish were nonfiction
day 30 — write a list of things you collect or used to collect